What is the digital reputation?

The goal of an enterprise or a professional is to be easily reachable by who is looking for them online. The modern reputation is no longer determined by word of mouth from people or from formal employment positions gained. These little matter now.

The goal is to be easily tracked on the Web by providing consistent information to your profile authentic.

Remember that it is almost impossible to remove unwanted information: You must insteadenrich the network with positive and authoritative content.
You must treat your presence on linkedin and be active in the draft and publish postsmanicured.
Remember that in online reputation prevention is better than cure…

Here are 10 steps to monitor your online reputation:

  1. Google regularly (at least once a week):
    name and surname, “name” (as above, but with the quotes) and name
    name and city, “name” city, name specialization.

(example: smith john administrative director) etc.. You can repeat the search also on yahoo.it and  bing.com


  1. Repeat the above search but looking for PICTURES.
  2. Doing this research make sure you have deleted from your PC or MAC all
    cookies and history, which greatly influence the results of google search. In fact, the
    same research done with two different devices (and with no history and cookies
    deleted) gives different results.
  3. Also make sure you have logout from your gmail account (if you have it). This also influence the results of google search.
  4. You have to do searches using different browsers: Safari, Explorer, etc. (also
    may give different results).
  5. You should check the privacy settings on your social network.
  6. You must use extreme caution to the contents of your social networks, especially maximize your  attention on facebook and twitter.
  7. You can build a HUB through the site http://about.me: put a photo, a brief
  8. You must activate Google Alert (by setting your name and last name) requesting
    periodic updates (eg, weekly).
  9. You must always tag your pictures and videos on youtube or on your favorite video web container.